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Branded content opportunities with BBC Advertising include exclusive international marketing partnerships and brand integration (outside of the UK) with some of the most popular TV programming on the planet – plus the chance to work with our branded content and production partners on your brand’s commercial films.

Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars
Dancing with the Stars is one of the world’s biggest entertainment properties, licensed to 42 countries worldwide, appearing in six national Top Ten Most Watched lists1 and boasting a global audience of over 250 million2. Dancing with the Stars advertising partners reach an audience of high-grade females and families responding to a mix of glamour, fun, warmth and humour, and uplifting, inspirational stories.

Sell-out tours, best-selling dance and fitness DVDs and must-have hair and make-up lines all demonstrate the demand of audiences to get closer to the show – and the range of multi-platform opportunities that can accompany Dancing with the Stars advertising.

BBC Earth

BBC Earth
BBC Earth entertains, engages and inspires a global audience through the world’s most ambitious and innovative natural history programming. Groundbreaking TV series, breathtaking film releases and immersive exhibitions and events use stunning images, captivating stories and the latest techniques to bring the world ever closer to our amazing planet.

BBC Earth has launched Earth Unplugged, a new YouTube channel from BBC Worldwide's global natural history brand.

The channel will feature a feast of new films created for a digital audience by BBC Earth Productions and is set to become a destination site for wildlife and nature. Earth Unplugged is BBC Worldwide's first original-content channel for YouTube.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who
Doctor Who embodies fun, fear and friendship across time and space, promising the thrill of adventure for kids and dry, clever humour for adults. A Doctor Who advertising partnership (TV outside the UK) aligns your brand with the show’s timeless appeal to broad audiences. Advertising with Doctor Who helps brands to travel across TV, mobile and PC screens, and beyond through events and branded merchandise.


1 One Television Year in the World - 2012 issue: Eurodata TV Worldwide Number of occurrences in 2011's top 10 rankers of 70 territories (based on best episode excluding sport, weather forecasts and programmes under five minutes in duration).
2 BBC Worldwide S&D Research / Eurodata TV Worldwide / One Television Year in the World - 2009 issue. Based on best-performing episode from 2008 series or most recent data prior to 2009 for those countries that did not air a local version that year. Figure excludes repeat programmes.


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