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Quality Wins. These advertising case studies show how this works for our advertisers and how the core values of the BBC are the building blocks of their success.  

Use the filters below to search for case studies by region, industry sector or platform.  Or browse through the latest case study compendium to get inspiration for your TV or digital advertising campaign. 

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Croatia National Tourist Board

How sponsorship of Talking Books on BBC World News helped to drive awareness and consideration for Croatian tourism.
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Liszt Academy of Music

How targeted digital advertising helped promote the excitement of live classical music to a young cultured audience.
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How custom audience segments created by BBC Advertising helped Hyundai reach the right people in Australia.
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How BBC Advertising's audience targeting helped Audi promote its new A6 to affluent decision-makers in Asia.
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Discover how BBC Advertising's audience targeting helped Accenture reach senior decision-makers in Asia.
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Cathay Pacific

BBC StoryWorks created a partnered content series called Business with Pleasure to inspire business travellers to travel with Cathay Pacific.
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Royal Australian Navy

How BBC Advertising used storytelling to generate interest in a career with the Royal Australian Navy.
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VisitBritain and BA

BBC Worldwide, VisitBritain and British Airways partnered to launch a dedicated content portal on, known as BBC Britain, that tells a compelling story of modern Britain.
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