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Quality Wins. These advertising case studies show how this works for our advertisers and how the core values of the BBC are the building blocks of their success.  

Use the filters below to search for case studies by region, industry sector or platform.  Or browse through the latest case study compendium to get inspiration for your TV or digital advertising campaign. 

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VisitBritain and BA

BBC Worldwide, VisitBritain and British Airways partnered to launch a dedicated content portal on, known as BBC Britain, that tells a compelling story of modern Britain.
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Brand USA

Showcasing lesser-known America to international travellers in a compelling way.
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Targeting business decision-makers with an unexpected message.
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HSBC Expat

Partnered content series drives traffic to HSBC's expat survey.
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How a bespoke advertorial on BBC Capital helped to boost AXA's online business in Asia and Europe.
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Partnered Content series promotes release of Paramount's blockbuster espionage movie.
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Partnered Content series on BBC Future associates Huawei with cutting-edge technology.
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Dassault Systèmes

Partnered Content series on BBC Future promotes Dassault Systèmes' leadership in 3D technology.
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