The Dress Test

dress test

The Dress Test proves the impact of's quality environment and valued content by measuring perceptions of fashion advertising appearing on the site. 

In two separate studies, consumers in France and Italy were split into groups depending on which websites they regularly used, then exposed to fashion advertising on and two competitor sites. In France, those sites were and In Italy, they were and


Key results 

  • Groups were more likely to put a higher value on the same items of clothing when the ad was placed on compared to the other websites. In Italy, users valued items 78% higher than those exposed to the ad on a competitor website while in France, the increase in estimated value was 190%.
  • Users were more likely to agree with positive statements about the clothing if they saw the ad on the  This was particularly so amongst luxury purchasers.
  • Users of were also more likely to agree with positive statements about the website environment.


Source: The Dress Test, Toluna, France and Italy, 2009. n=1,100 


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