The Trust Test

The findings of this research show that is seen as more trustworthy and authoritative than its competitors and that advertisers can benefit from this advantage.


This study involved interviewing users of websites in both Germany and Singapore to compare their perception of with those who use the websites of CNN Money and CNBC. They were then exposed to a Merrill Lynch ad on each site and asked to rate the brand against similar attributes such as trust, credibility and authority.


Key results

  • was seen as a more credible, trustworthy, authoritative and international website than CNN Money and CNBC.
  • These brand values enhanced the perception of Merrill Lynch, where the same ad was rated more highly on than on CNN Money or CNBC for authority, being influential, international, credibility and trustworthiness.
  • The Merrill Lynch ad was considered 28% more trusted on than CNN Money and 12% more trusted than when seen on CNBC – the difference coming solely from BBC brand associations.


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Source: The Trust Test, GMI, Germany and Singapore, Summer 2010. Annual Income €30K. n=1,200


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