The Watch Test

To determine how much the online environment influences perception of luxury advertising, the people in this study were split into groups and shown the same advertisement for a Longines watch on a page of,,, and and Users of each website were then asked to estimate the value of the watch in the advertisement. 

Key results

  • Those who saw the ad on rated the watch as up to 22% more expensive than the value estimates of the users who saw the same ad on the other websites.

These results demonstrate that luxury advertisers should consider media beyond glossy magazines and that offers a quality environment that is perceived as more up-market and glamorous than its competitors.

Find out how BBC Advertising has helped luxury brands reach an affluent audience

Source: The Watch Test, Dres Consulting/Research Now - France, Hong Kong and the USA, April 2013. HHI $64,861+. n= 1,359 


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