Word of Mouth: insights from BBC Advertising

word of mouth

BBC Advertising collaborated with Carat and trends think tank Future Foundation to get a unique global perspective on Word of Mouth.

The research:

  • Spans 9,000 Opinion Leaders over nine countries
  • Looks at how Opinion Leaders spread the word in response to brand activity, news and personal experience
  • Studies the make-up of Opinion Leaders in different countries to see how geography affects Word of Mouth
  • Covers all types of Word of Mouth and all types of channel – both on and offline

We found that there are three types of Opinion Leader currently spreading the word. Each uses different channels, across different types of network and they do it for different reasons.

What this means for advertisers

  • Well-connected opinion leaders turn to trusted media brands to research stories and to help form their own opinions. Most of them first hear breaking news on TV before turning to established media brands online for further research.
  • For opinion leaders, trust is the single most important criteria for any source of information – and it is coverage by a trusted media brand that often provides the trigger for Word of Mouth going mainstream.

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