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BBC Mobile delivers premium, award-winning content in the areas that matter most to mobile web users: news, weather and sport. Use the digital ad specs to help you create a successful digital advertisement.


bbc mobile ad specs - banner ad
Availability Ads accepted on mobile sections.
Ad Placements (see PDF below) Two ad units displayed: top and bottom of the page. 
NB: All ads will be centred for all devices.
(w x h)
Each of the four different ad sizes may be submitted: X-Large banner, 300x50, Large banner 216x36, Medium banner 168x28, Small banner 120x20. See PDF below.
Accepted Ad Formats GIF and JPEG or approved third-party vendor tags. Static or animated images only.
Animation Animation allowed, max 30 seconds.
Expanded Size Expansion permitted up to 300x250 for smartphone only and by using third-party tags.
Targeting Available  Geo IP (country only), site section, device, platform, carrier
Third-Party Rich Media  Third-party ad serving accepted, approved vendors only. Third-party tracking URL accepted.
APPROVED VENDORS: AdGibbon, Celtra, Check m8, Crisp Wireless, Doubleclick, Google Mobile, inMobi, Justad, Mads, Medialets, MediaMind, mOcean, Phluant.
Please note: rich media and third-party tags are not permitted on the News responsive site for technical reason until Autumn 2012.
Ad Submission
Both display ads and a text ad are required to be submitted along with a click through URL.
Ads must be submitted 5 working days before campaign start date.

Responsive MPU

Example of advertising space for BBC mobile MPU advert
Availability Mobile responsive site (including News and Sport) - Smartphones
Ad placements (see image) Middle of the page.
NB: All ads will be centered for all devices.
(w x h)
Initial file size Default GIF/JPEG = 30kb max.
Rich media: 35kb max.
Accepted ad formats GIF, JPEG, animated GIF, PNG, HTML, HTML5, Javascript
Animation & looping Animation allowed, max 30 seconds.
Expanded size Not allowed for this unit.
Video Max 30 secs, user-initiated on tap. Sound: user-initiated on tap. Non user-initiated video and sound not accepted.
Best practice  Ensure images are mobile web optimized; do not use Flash assets; landing pages must be mobile optimized.  
Changing connectivity speeds and device variability affect how ad display is processed.
Please note HTML5 is not supported in all browsers, best practice is to detect the browser and display a simple version as back-up when not supported.
If the creative uses advanced HTML5 features, it should degrade gracefully on devices not supporting such features.
Creative should continue to work when rendered in a document.write wrapper.
Third-party vendors  Only approved vendors accepted. Please see the link below for a current list. 
Ad submission
Both display ads and a text ad are required to be submitted along with a click through URL.
Ads must be submitted 5 working days before campaign start date.

Find out more about the digital advertising on BBC Mobile and view reseach into how consuming news on tablet devices transforms audience engagement.


Below are the latest submission guidelines for the digital ad formats available on BBC Mobile plus the most recent list of BBC Advertising's approved third-party vendors:

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