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Get full data on the reach and audience profile of in each of our regions: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, India, Latin America, the Middle East and the USA.

See below for the worldwide distribution figures for, or use the filter below to select a region:

Map showing total page views for, BBC Mobile and BBC News Apps

Source: Omniture DIscover, Q3 2013 (July-September 2013), monthly page view average. 

Download the BBC Digital worldwide reach figures showing the number of page views and unique users for, BBC Mobile, and the BBC News Apps:

Download the latest performance data by region and country for and its feature sites: extends its reach, deepens audience engagement, and drives consumers to its pages using social media. BBC News has over 9.9 million Facebook likes1 and 9.3 million Twitter followers2.

Source: 1 Facebook, March 2015.  2 Twitter, March 2015.

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