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Middle East

97 per cent of users in the Middle East agree that becoming better informed is important to them


  • reaches 2 million unique users in the Middle East, generating 20 million page views every month1.
  • Mobile reaches 539,400 unique users in the Middle East every month1.
  • Over 241,000 BBC News Apps have been downloaded by Middle East users since launch2.
  • users in the Middle East make on average 1.67 page views to the site's business section – higher than users from other regions1.


  • Average age: 403
  • Male/female: 83% / 17%3
  • Affluent: Total income €5.4 billion3
  • Influential: Reaches 42% of business decision-makers3
  • Engaged: users in the Middle East visit the site for an average of 8 minutes and 37seconds and make on average 3.24 page views, both higher than the average user globally1
  • Information hungry: 97% agree that gaining knowledge and becoming better informed is important to them3
  • Frequent travellers: 73% took three or more international trips in the last year3
  • Luxury spenders: 94% do not mind paying extra for quality. 87% have bought a luxury item in the last year4
  • Early adopters: 94% agree they are always the first to have technologically innovative products3
  • Love sports: 27% have attended three or more sporting events in the last year3


1  Omniture Discover, Jan-Mar 2013, monthly page view average

2  iTunes, accessed through, 5 April 2013

3  EMS Middle East 2012. Target is users (93,000/n:140)

4  EMS Middle East 2012.Target is users (93,000/n:140), Respondents who had bought a Fragrance Costing Over €75, Designer Suit Or Dress Costing Over €1000, Briefcase Or Handbag Over €500, Shoes Or Boots Over €500 (£450), Jewellery Over €1,500, Holiday Over €1,500 or a Watch

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