reach and audience


81 percent of users in the USA never use another news site


  • reaches 25 million unique users in the USA and Canada, generating an average of 205 million page views every month1
  • mobile reaches over 1.2 million unique users in the USA every month (14% of total traffic2)
  • 4.6 million BBC News App downloads from the USA since launch3


  • Average age: 43
  • Male/female: 69% / 31%
  • Affluent: Average personal income per year is $100,935
  • Influential: Almost a quarter of users are Business Decision-Makers
  • Loyal: 81% don't visit other news sites5
  • Engaged: Spent an average of 11 minutes on the site in the last month
  • Top management: One in five users are in top management roles
  • Frequent travellers: Took an average 10 flights last year
  • Luxury spenders: Two-thirds of users treat themselves to something even if they don't need it 
  • Motor enthusiasts: 27% follow the latest developments in the automotive world
  • Tech-savvy: 60% of the audience own a tablet or e-reader
  • Love sports: Over half of users not only like sports, they follow them closely


1 Omniture Q1 2013 (January-March) monthly average
2 Omniture Q3 2012 (July-September) monthly average
3 iTunes, accessed through, July 2013
4 Ipsos Affluent Survey USA 2013 (62,500,000 / 13,348), users defined as those who have visited the website in the last month

5 comScore Cross-Visiting October 2013 (vs,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

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