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Latin America is seen by over 1 million unique users per month in Latin America


  • is seen by over 2 million unique browsers per month in Latin America, creating an average of 11 million page views1
  • Latin American visitors to have a high level of engagement, with an average visit lasting just under 8 minutes1
  • News is the most popular section, accounting for 5.8 million page views per month1


  • Age: 35
  • Male/female: 68% / 32%
  • Income: €62,187
  • Highly successful: visitors are business decision makers, influential opinion leaders, involved in capital expenditures worth over €30,000, and are responsible for 20+ employees at work.
  • Tech savvy: visitors are 109% more likely to agree: "I am always one of the first to have technologically innovative products"
  • Adventurous: visitors are 43% more likely to agree: "I like trying out new things"
  • Automotive enthusiasts: visitors are more likely to own multiple cars, domestic cars and plan on making a purchase in the next year.


1 Adobe Analytics , Q4 2014 monthly average (October-December). Figures are based on combined Desktop + Mobile Traffic.
2 Ipsos Affluent Survey, Latin America 2013

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