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BBC World News reaches 2.3m households in Australia
Source: BBC Distribution Report, August 2013
  • 28.1% of the most affluent Australians watch BBC World News every month. 60% of these watch the channel every week and 18% view daily3.


Information hungry: 93% of BBC World News views in Australia value exploration and discovery
Source: PAX Q3 2012 - Q2 2013
  • Average age: 474
  • Male/female: 53% / 47%4
  • Affluent: US$2.92 billion total income per month4
  • Influential: Reaches one in three of Australia's business decision-makers5
  • Information hungry: 93% value exploration and discovery2
  • Frequent travellers: Took an average three flights last year6
  • Luxury spenders: 68% personally own at least one luxury item7
  • Early adopters: 54% are early adopters. 74% own a smartphone, 51% own a tablet8
  • Love sports: 85% attended/watched/read about at least one sport last year


1 IMAGE: BBC Distribution Report, August 2013 

PAX Q3 2012 - Q2 2013 target Australia, agreed to either of “It is important to have an international perspective” or “I pride myself on being well informed and up-to-date” or “I am interested to explore more about the culture of other countries”

3 IMAGE: PAX Q3 2012 - Q2 2013 target Australia (1,409, 000 / 2,108)
PAX Q3 2012 - Q2 2013 target Australia (395,825 / 657). BBC World News monthly viewers

5 PAX Q3 2012 - Q2 2013 target Australia (380,000 / 1,020). BBC World News monthly viewers

6 PAX Q3 2012 - Q2 2013 target Australia (1,409,000 / 2,108). BBC World News monthly viewers

7 PAX Q3 2012 - Q2 2013 target Australia, One of: designer clothes and leather goods over US$500, designer accessories and footwear over US$500, jewellery over US$500 or luxury watch over US$500 

PAX Q3 2012 - Q2 2013 target Australia. Agreed to either of “I'm often one of the first to buy a new product/gadget” or “Keeping up with modern technology is a key to my success”
9 PAX Q3 2012 - Q2 2013 target Australia. Participated in at least one activities listed in the past 12 months


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