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Source: BBC World News Distribution Report, January 2015.

  • 39% of affluent adults in Europe watch BBC World News every month. 19% of these watch the channel every week and 5% view daily1.


Source: EMS + CEMS 2014, Target Group is All Respondents (49,441,000/27,947) Data based on 1 spot only in each timeslot

  • Average age: 472
  • Male/Female: 62% / 38%2
  • University/Post-Graduate Degree: 56%2
  • Average personal income: €54,3702
  • Lived, worked or studied abroad: 35%2
  • Over twice as likely than average to have taken 11+ trips abroad in past year2
  • 38% more likely than average to be a business decision-maker2
  • 48% more likely than average to be an influential opinion leader2
  • 41% more likely than average to be C-Suite2

Download the brochure below to get an overview of the BBC's commercial opportunities for clients based in Central & Eastern Europe or for advertisers who want to target the BBC's affluent and engaged audience in Europe.


1  EMS+CEMS 2014.Target is Monthly Audience with personal annual income of €250k+ (50,680,000/28,076). 
2  EMS+CEMS 2014.Target is Monthly Audience (50,680,000/28,076)


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