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One in two affluent adults in Africa watches BBC World News every month
Source: EMS Africa, 2012
  • BBC World News is available in 9.2 million households in Africa1.
  • 77% of monthly viewers watch the channel every week and 33% view daily2.


  • Average age: 432
  • Male/female: 69% / 31%2
  • Affluent: BBC World News viewers earn an average of €44,234 per annum, €2,228 higher than average2
  • Influential: 21% more likely than average to be a business decision-maker2
  • Information hungry: 92% value exploration and discovery2
  • Frequent travellers: Took an average six flights in 20112
  • Luxury spenders: Nearly seven out of ten BBC World News viewers have bought at least one luxury item in the past year3
  • Early adopters: 70% are always among the first to have technologically innovative products2
  • Love sports: Nearly one in five visited six or more sporting events last year2


1  BBC World News distribution report, January 2014
 EMS Africa 2012. Target is BBC monthly audience (1,654,000 / 1,292)
3  EMS Africa 2012. Target is BBC monthly audience (1,654,000 / 1,292). Respondents who had bought a fragrance costing over €75, designer suit or dress costing over €1,000, a briefcase or handbag over €500, a pair of shoes or boots over €500, jewellery over €1,500, holiday over €1,500, or a watch.


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