BBC World News: reach and audience

Latin America


Source: BBC World News Distribution Report, January 2015.

  • BBC World News reaches a younger, more gender balanced, more upscale audience than CNN1
  • BBC World News viewers are more likely to use mobile phones to watch TV, access financial or business information or buy products/services than competitor news viewers1.


  • Age: 37
  • Male/female: 63% / 37%
  • Tech savvy: 94% more likely to agree with the statement: "I am always one of the first to have technologically innovative products"
  • Car lovers: More likely to have 2+ cars in their household and to have bought a car in the last year
  • Opinion leaders: Viewers are in every category of the opinion leader market: connectors, expert advisers, salespeople, champions and influencers
  • Frequent flyers: More likely to fly First Class than any other competitor news network viewer
  • Luxury lovers: More likely to purchase designer goods such as designer suits/dresses, briefcases/handbags, jewelry, luxury watches and holidays
  • Financially thriving: 87% of BBC World News viewers personally own investments


1 IPSOS Affluent Survey, Latin America 2013


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