Dancing with the Stars: reach and audience

Dancing with the Stars: Over 200 episodes across 200 series have aired around the world

Source: BBC Worldwide Sales and Distribution Research Department, 2009

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  • Dancing with the Stars format has been licensed to 42 countries in six continents
  • A quarter of a billion people watched a version of the show during 20083
  • Appeared in six national Top 10 most-watched programmes lists from 2011 - Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Slovakia, UK and the USA3


  • Global audience of over 250 million1
  • Achieved a peak audience of 27.5 million viewers in the USA2
  • Peaked with 3.1 million viewers and a 36.5% share in South Africa2


1  BBC Worldwide S&D research / Eurodata TV Worldwide / One Television Year in the World 2009 issue. Based on best-performing episode from the 2008 series or most recent data prior to 2009 for those countries that didn't air a local version that year. Figure excludes repeat programmes. 

BBC Worldwide S&D research / BBC Worldwide Americas research / Nielsen Media Research USA / TechEdge / AdvantEdge / SAARF / AGB Nielsen

One Television Year in the World 2012 issue: Eurodata TV Worldwide. Number of occurences in 2011's top 10 rankers of 70 territories (based on best episode excluding sport, weather forecasts and programmes under five minutes in duration)


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