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Lonely Planet distribution figures May 2013: North America: 3.8 million unque users (UU), 15.8 million page views (PV); South America: 0.2 million UU, 1.1 million PV; Europe (ex. UK): 3.3 million UU, 16 million PV; Middle Easy: 0.3 million UU, 1.2 million PV; Africa: 0.2 million UU, 0.8 million PV; Aisa: 1.6 U, 6.3 million PV; Pacific: 0.9 million UU, 4.7 million PV

Key stats

  • Over 200 authors4
  • 100 million Guidebooks printed4
  • Over 400,000 points of interest4
  • Over 10 million downloads of our iPhone apps4
  • 500 titles currently available (April 2013)4


Male/Female:  50% / 50% (Lonely Planet digital consumers)3 

Well-travelled: 1 in 10 lonelyplanet.com users (globally) have taken six or more international trips in the last two years (compared to 1 in 20 for the average traveller)2


  • UK: 72% have a degree or professional qualification2
  • Australia: 77% have a degree or diploma2
  • USA: 88% are educated to degree level or above2

Household income:

  • UK: 41% have a household income of >£50,0003
  • Australia: 39% have a household income of >AU$ 80,0002
  • USA: 42% have a household income of >$100,0002

USA: 24% of the audience have an average age of 25-343

  • 53% female versus 47% male3
  • 28% of the audience have an average age of 25-343

  • 49% female versus 51% male3
  • 28% of the audience have an average age of 25-343

  • 44% female versus 56% male3
  • 49% of the audience have an average age of 25-343

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Download the lonelyplanet.com reach figures below:


1  Image: Omniture Site Catalyst, 3 months average Feb-apr 2013

2  Independently collected by market research firm TNS. Samples are nationally representative of the travel population within the USA, UK and Australia. Survey is conducted as brand neutral (respondents were not aware Lonely Planet was the researcher) Data collected in Mar 2009, Nov 2009, Mar 2010 and Mar 2011. Overall sample size across all waves of the study is over 10,000 respondents. Base: lonelyplanet.com users

3  comScore, January-March 2013

4  Lonely Planet - Internal Sources


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