Commercial TV Channels: reach and audience


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  • UKTV reaches on average 1.3 million people each week.1
  • BBC Knowledge reaches 913,000 different people each week.1


BBC Knowledge - an affluent, influential audience2

  • People 25-54, male skewed.
  • 27% earn over $70,000+ a year (51% more likely than the general population).
  • 67% will pay more for quality goods (17% more likely).
  • 28% control purchase decisions at work (21% more likely).
  • 72% are main grocery buyers.

UKTV viewers - independent-minded and influential2

  • Women 40+ (45% of viewers).
  • 73% are main grocery buyers.
  • 17% more likely to top up their general groceries several times per week, compared to the general population.
  • 20% more likely to travel overseas in the next 12 months, compared to the general population.
  • 21% more likely to renovate their homes in the next 12 months, compared to the general population.


1 OzTAM National STV Panel, Consolidated, Jan-Jun 2013, 2am-2am, reach profile; Nielsen CMV Survey 9 2013, P14+
2 Nielsen CMV 2012 National Survey 10. All raw counts 50+, indexed vs total population


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