Commercial TV Channels: reach and audience


Reach and engagement

  • BBC America has had eight consecutive years of ratings growth, on pace for its best year ever in 2013.
  • Total reach for the year 2012 was 94.7 million, a +13% increase from 2011
  • The channel had its highest rated telecast of all time with the season seven premiere of Doctor Who on 1 September 2012, bringing in 2.47 million viewers and nearly 1.25 million aged 25-54
Source: Nielsen Media Research, Reach based on Live+7 data with a 6-minute qualifier


  • Average age: 46
  • Male/Female: 58% / 42%
  • Affluent: #1 median income in cable
  • Business decision-makers: 75% more likely to be C-Suites 
  • Influential and heavy spending travellers: 47% more likely to be influential vacation travel consumers; 36% more likely to have spent heavily on vacations in the last 12 months 
  • Love sports: 86% participated in, watched, or attended a sporting event
  • Automotive enthusiasts: 21% more likely to be influential automobile consumers
  • Tech savvy: 48% more likely to be influential new technology consumers; 43% more likely to be influential home electronics consumers 
Source: Nielsen Media Research; MRI 2012 Doublebase Study A25-54

Upscale audience

  • Auto savvy consumers:  25% plan to buy or lease a car in the next 12 months and are 71% more likely to follow the latest developments in the auto world
  • Tech savvy: Viewers are 42% more likely to often be asked for advice when others are looking to buy technology or electronics products and 58% more likely to keep up with technological developments
  • Influential luxury spenders: Viewers are 51% more likely to be asked for advice when others are thinking about making a significant purchase
  • Early adopters: Viewers are 42% more likely to usually be one of the first of their friends or colleagues to try new products or services
  • Social networkers: 85% have visited a social network site in the last 30 days 
Source: Mendelsohn 2012 Affluent Study (HHI $100K+) A25-54


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