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Tape requirements


For South Africa and Australia specifications, please see the PDF.


Digital Betacam (PAL)
16:9 Full Height Anamorphic (with 4:3 safe graphics)
NB: No High Definition
Line-up Requirements Start of tape
60 sec 75% colour bars
15 sec slate:
Advertiser Name
Tape Number (if applicable)
Audio Type
Spot Duration
Record Date
Aspect Ratio
The last 3 seconds of the VT clock must be mute and black onscreen
Commercial duration must be an exact multiple of 5 seconds
Timecodes All commercials should have continuous and matching LTC and VITC throughout the material. The VITC should be on lines 19 and 21 and field 2 lines 332 and 334 of the video signal. VITC on other lines is not compatible. First commercial on the tape should start at 10:00:00:00.

Commercials may be delivered with full final mix on tracks 1 and 2 (dual mono) or with stereo on tracks 1 and 2 (1=L, 2=R). Tracks 3 and 4 should be blank. Audio level should be –20 Dbfs for Digi Betas and +0 Db for Beta SP.

Miscellaneous No restriction if multiple spots on one tape, but cue sheet must be included and there should be a 15-second slate before each spot. All tapes should be clearly labelled in English with advertiser name, product, commercial titles and lengths.
Rotation Instructions & Technical Enquiries BBC World Sales Operations London
Tape Delivery Address Robert Coombes
1st Floor
Television Centre
101 Wood Lane
London   W12 7FA
Email :
Tel : +44 208 433 3040
Material Deadline 5 working days prior to transmission (not editorially complied)
3 working day prior to transmission (editorially complied)
Commercial Tape Storage Tapes cannot be returned to clients. All tapes will be destroyed 6 months after final airing

Digital requirements

Format MXF 50mb OP1a D10
FTP location

We can also take delivery from the following distribution hubs*:

*please contact directly for details

Login & password Email for details
Folder Incoming/BBC World News
File Naming No spaces in title
Delivery 5 working days (not editorially complied)
2 working days (editorially complied)


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