BBC Knowledge Asia: TV ad specs

You can download the TV ad specs for BBC Knowledge Asia below. Use these TV ad specs to help plan  your TV advertising campaign, or contact us for further advice.

Tape requirements

Digital Betacam (PAL)
4:3 (Aspect ratio 1.33) NB: No High Definition
Line Up Requirements Start of Tape
60 sec 75% colour bars
15 sec slate:
Advertiser Name
Tape Number (if applicable)
Audio Type
Spot Duration
Record Date
Aspect Ratio
The last 3 seconds of the VT clock must be mute and black onscreen
Commercial duration must be an exact multiple of 5 seconds
Timecodes All commercials should have continuous and matching LTC and VITC throughout the material. The VITC should be on lines 19 and 21 and field 2 lines 332 and 334 of the video signal. VITC on other lines is not compatible. First commercial on the tape should start at 10:00:00:00.
Audio Commercials may be delivered with full final mix on tracks 1 and 2 (dual mono) or with stereo on tracks 1 and 2 (1=L, 2=R). Tracks 3 and 4 should be blank. Audio reference level should be –18 Dbfs or 8 db below the maximum allowable peak during programme as measured with PPM for Digi Beta.
Miscellaneous No restriction if multiple spots on one tape, but cue sheet must be included and there should be a 15 second slate before each spot. All tapes should be clearly labelled in English with advertiser name, product, commercial titles and lengths.
Rotation Instructions & Technical Enquiries BBC World Sales Operations Singapore
Tape Delivery Address Em Bakhtiar
700 Beach Road
#12-08/09 Shaw Tower
Email :
Tel : +65 6507 4240
Material Deadline 5 working days prior to transmission (not editorially complied)
3 working days prior to transmission (editorially complied)
Commercial Tape Storage Tapes cannot be returned to clients. All tapes will be destroyed 6 months after final airing

Digital requirements

Format Sony IMX 30i (Quicktime)
FTP location

We can also take delivery from the following distribution hubs*:

*please contact directly for details

Login & password Email : for details
Folder Incoming/BBC Knowledge Asia
File Naming No spaces in title
Delivery 5 working days (not editorially complied)
2 working days (editorially complied)


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